Thursday, November 26, 2009

california dreamin'

My sister and I just spent five wonderful days in LA visiting our "grown-up" baby brother.
I had to share lots of pictures of our fun trip so please enjoy!
(Don't give don't want to miss the pics at the end!) Our wonderful host and tour guide. I am so happy for Andrew that he is loving LA!
Santa Monica Pier
"Thinking" I am looking like a tough football player when my skinny little arm is hanging out! Why didn't someone tell me???

The Griddle is a "hole in the wall" joint that serves a great breakfast and is known to be a celebrity hot spot!
WE were the celebrities on this particular occasion!
We were seated in the VIP room which was super fun!
And our "cheesecake" french toast....
and our "say cheese omelet..."
Are you jealous yet?
How about now?
"Teacher's Pet" pancakes with cinnamon apples and powdered sugar!
Andrew in the iFLY...
a sky-diving simulator
He even got a certificate!
One of the funnest things we did was going to the wax museum.
There were a lot of people there but NONE of them were having as much fun as us!
I actually think some of the tourist had more fun watching US pose for pictures than they did taking their own!!! (my family is so much fun!)

Besides the fact that the figures were SO real looking,
the one thing I couldn't believe was how TINY everyone was!!!
The girls were so short and petite.
Even a lot of the men were Mel Gibson...he could never be MY leading man!
This is what I'm talking about...
MOST people were just "standing" next to the figures...NOT us!

Andrew making the move on a girl MADE OF WAX!
I think this is when the other tourists started taking OUR pictures!
Okay...for all of my friends who make fun of me for thinking George W is so hot......
"A-Ha!" Here is the smokin' hot Paul Newman who HAPPENS to look just like my man "W!"
Stare-down with my favorite vilian.

Our absolute favorite picture!
At the set of one of my favorite shows, Brothers and Sisters.
Andrew's friend, Emily works at Disney and took us on a personal tour.
We didn't get to see any of the cast because they were off for Thanksgiving. Tear.
The first time I have EVER seen my sister eat a FAST FOOD hamburger!
Laura and I had a great time teaching Andrew to cook.
We took him grocery shopping and then gave him some tips.
We had a great time visiting with Andrew and enjoying the city! We can't wait to go back!

Thanksgiving Day.

The timing couldn't be better for a day to spend with my loving family and remind me of all the wonderful things the Lord has blessed us with.

Today, I am thankful for:

-my husband who is just as good as gold
-a son who is healthy and happy
-that son's hugs and laughter
-his excitement and thrill when I pull out the vacuum cleaner!
-the neiman marcus brownies baking in the oven
-a wonderful vacation with my siblings
-a schnauzer who craves my attention
-God's grace
-talking to my sister about everything and nothing and it all making sense
-my baby brother, who is doing what makes him happy and that makes me happy
-growing as a family during challenging times
-a mother who loves my child more than anything
-sister and brothers in-law who I hope to see soon
-a husband who LOVES Christmas and is begging to help decorate!
-college football
-text messaging
-the power of PRAYER
-TWO mothers-in-law that I LOVE and who love me
-my nieces who make me so happy
-a daddy who provides and protects
-a child with the cutest foldy-down ears ever
-friends who I talk to every day and those I only talk to every now and then
-a father-in-law who is one of my dearest friends
-my husband, who does all of our laundry
-families who will spend the holidays with a loved one over seas
-the freedom those men and women fight for
-my Ganne, whose love and I can't explain in one sentence
-Fisher Price
-grandparents and cousins and aunts and uncles and lots of wonderful family
-a best friend who actually "gets" the life I live as a coach's wife
-the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Radio City Rockets
-beautiful weather
-my family, who will be here tomorrow!!! (We will miss you, Andrew!)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 13, 2009

feeding the fish...

oh what fun...

Thursday night was just what we needed. It is was a FUN night for me and my two boys! We started out with Smith's first trip to Toys R Us. Reed and I had not been to TRU is a LONG time, either so it was a lot of fun.

We wanted Smith to walk around and show us what he wanted for Christmas! Now, we were thinking a few balls, maybe a Mickey Mouse....I guess I just didn't realize how much Smith wanted to be like his uncle DREW!

THIS is what he ran straight to and was DYING to climb in!
"Hey Drew! My speakers are bigger than yours!"

Then... we headed to Finding Nemo on Ice! Smith had so much fun and he was so good! Mickey Mouse came out at the beginning and went nuts! I was worried that he was going to get mad when MM left, but he liked the "shhh" or fish, too!

All of the clapping and dancing wore my little man out!