Saturday, February 28, 2009

matchmaker, matchmaker

This is Patti Stanger and I love her!
If you haven't caught her show THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER on Bravo, you must check it out! It's one of those shows that I watched "that one time" thinking I was just going to make fun of it...and now, I'm a fan!

Friday, February 27, 2009


I saw this on a friend's blog and was so excited.

My friend, Emily and I have always said that our "styles" were a mix of so many looks and ideas that we weren't sure we could define them. This is how our conversations usually go:

EB: "This girl just came over and told me my house was shabby chic!!!
Is it shabby chic?"
me: "I think it is a mix of a lot of things. It's dressy, which makes it chic-ish and traditional."
EB: "You think my house is traditional?"
me: "Yeah, it's traditional."
EB: "Is that bad."
me: "no."
EB: "I don't think I want it to be traditional."
- conversation changes topics -
- 2o minutes later -
me: "I think my house looks like a college girl lives here. I hate my house."
EB: "Your house is SO you!"
me: "So you think I act like a college girl?"
EB: "NO! It is fun and colorful....everything has a story."
me: "You're right. Yeah....I love my house." is so stupid. We both actually love our houses (and each others)....but it seems we are always wanting a new project to do to make them even better! SO...we go on for hours about what we have done to our houses, what we WANT to do to our houses, what we love about EACH OTHER'S houses and what we hate about OURS. (What are friends for anyway?)

Anyway, when I saw this quiz I thought it would be stupid. I can't even describe my could some internet quiz, right? WRONG! It was exactly right on the money...for me AND Em.
So, from now on we actually know how to describe ourselves!

MY STYLE is a mix of Rustic Revival, Nantucket and French Eclectic.
EMILY's STYLE is a mix of Traditional Country, Classic and Nantucket.

see Em....I told you it was traditional.


he hasn't QUITE gotten ALL the way up yet, but he is a sneaky little thing....

note: do not judge me for the "college boy apartment curtains"... there are precious curtains under the hanging quilt...i haven't found a black out shade yet and whatever gets the kid to sleep works for me!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This little rascal is SEVEN months old and I cannot believe how much personality he has!
He is rolling and scooting every where. He can't crawl quite yet and it is very frustrating to him! He wants to stand up ALL the time....which he still needs a little help with. Still no teeth, but everything he can get his hands on goes in his mouth.
My man is a big flirt! He smiles and giggles all the time and all the girls at the store think he is quite the charmer. He is "blabbing" up a storm and LOVES making the motor boat noise with his lips!
He truly is the happiest baby and is TOO much fun!
He is also getting REALLY big...and considering I have done something really bad to my back during the store renovations, he is not much fun to "haul" around these days!

Friday, February 20, 2009

happy birthday Lar...

So today is my sister, Laura's birthday and I realized something today that I should have known for a long time. Laura and I are the ONLY people in our families that TAKE pictures....therefore, we are never IN the pictures. EVER.

Of course, I have precious pictures of her as cute little lady with "the mom bangs." (not bangs that look like a mom, but bangs that our mom cut straight across with the kitchen scissors.)
And I have a picture of her holding me when I was a baby with pink sponge rollers in her hair. I have tons of OLD pictures of us, but what I don't have is a scanner. So I will have to sit here and admire these precious pics while you close your eyes and imagine Laura in pink sponge rollers!!!

For now, this is all I've got. Seriously. It's that bad.

Laura was running crazy that day trying to capture every moment with her camera and WE must have INSISTED that someone take one of us.

note: Laura, next time we are together, dress cute and we will ASK someone to take our picture.

For your 30th birthday...30 reasons that I think you're the BEST!

1. You can sew. I know I never say it, but I think it is so neat and really wish I could sew, too.
2. You always let me wear the cutest shirt in your closet...EVEN if it is what you were planning to wear!
3. You spent the night with me and Smith in the hospital. What a trooper.
4. You are turning into Ganne.
5. You are my own personal mommy encyclopedia. I know you will always know the answer to my questions....and if you don't, you'll do the research and get back to me.
6. We can't watch "The Video" without rolling in the floor laughing.
7. "The Laura Look" when you're checking yourself out in the mirror.
8. You are patient. (more patient than me, at least)
9. We are SO different.
10. We are SO much alike.
11. You work hard and you love your work.
12. You supported me when I opened my new business.
13. You are a great mother.
14. Big Teas from McAllister's.
15. Our wrinkly hands.
16. Your desire to learn and your love of knowledge.
(I like that you do all the reading and just tell me about it!)
17. Our email conversations during the day.
18. You have brown hair. (copycat.)
19. Going to garage sales, consignment shops, estate sales and auctions.
20. Our mutual love of DIRT CHEAP!
21. You cry all the time. (and its not just when you're pregnant so stop using that excuse.)
22. Mud pies, backyard plays and cabbage patch kids.
23. Being "Laura's Little Sister" was ALWAYS a good thing.
24. You don't complain. Sometimes you "vent," but you don't complain.
25. You are selfless and giving.
26. Pimento and Cheese sandwiches.
27. We are sorority sisters, too!
28. You don't forget important dates and you make special events even more special.
29. You are simple and genuine. No drama, just you.
30. You are my friend, my encourager, my prayer warrior, my SISTER!

Happy Birthday, Lar! You're the BEST!!!

MINT to be shared

You see, I have this blog for my business and I have neglected it since I have had this sweet boy to blog about...So, I am going to make an effort to make the MINT blog a bigger priority. I would love to know that you are interested in what's going on with my "other" hop on over the MINT blog, check it out and post a comment to let me know you were there!!!

welcome to the HUMP...for hoops!

Smith, Reed and I joined CC and Pop at the State basketball game this week. He loved it and jumped every time the fans would cheer!

All the excitement wore my boy out!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy 30th Reed!

My wonderful husband had a birthday a few weeks ago. Because this time of year is very hectic in his profession, we weren't able to anything too fancy for his birthday, but we did have dinner with some friends and I surprised him with this....
Reed won a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP while at Delta State and I had his jersey framed for him. He LOVES it!

I am so blessed to be married to a man who loves the Lord and loves me!

Happy Birthday to my very best friend!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

i have a wonderful husband.

I had a great Valentine's Day (weekend)! My sweet husband gave me the GREATEST gift.......
a day off!

I left Friday about lunch and headed to Madison for a mini vacay! My BIG sister has a BIG birthday coming up next week and I was so excited I got to spend a child-free weekend with her! Here is what I call a "better than flowers or chocolate valentine."
Friday night Laura and I had dinner at Walker's in Fondren with my parents....Stayed in bed until 10 o'clock Saturday morning....ate lunch at the Strawberry Cafe...had a LOVELY massage...and did a little shopping, too! We had a wonderfully relaxing day.

My two favorite boys came to Madison for dinner to top off a fabulous Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

ready. set. GO!

I love my floor nanny. She does a great job of keeping Smith entertained and safe! Well, until this morning. I sat Smith in the nanny and went to the sink to wash some bottles.
A few minutes later I heard the little guy screaming and returned to see THIS!!!
I think he think he might be getting ready to GO!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

a "little" reunion

The gang was in town for the wedding festivities and Mere was sweet (and brave) enough to have us all over for brunch to get the kiddos together!

Smith knew there would be some cute girls there so he wanted to make sure and look good!
Smith was TRYING to be sweet to the girls, but they thought he was a little too rough!Meredith and Mary Cameron, Me and Smith,
Mamie and Garrett
(Bailey was running around somewhere)
and Morgan and Sarah Spencer.Smith and his friend Garrett.
Smith was making sure Garrett didn't nose dive off the couch! How sweet!
All of the picture taking and playing made my little man tired!

wyn and katie

our dear friend katie tied the knot this weekend and we had such a wonderful time celebrating with her! it is always great to have the old crew together, especially for such a sweet day!
congrats wyn and katie!!!

smith and AP

Monday, February 2, 2009

Our dear friend Amber is getting married in a few weeks and we had a great time honoring the bride-to-be this past weekend!

I had to post this picture because as I was taking it Amber said,
"Now Emily...I do not want to end up on the world wide web!"
The bride and hostesses... Kate, Meredith, Me, Amber, Mamie, and Anne-Lauren.Smith and Tizzie played upstairs during the party. He was excited to see all the girls before they left! He loves playing with "Aunt Lauren!"