Tuesday, April 5, 2011

fun weekend!

CC, Pop, Uncle Awesome, and Aunt Jess all came to visit this weekend. We were glad it worked out that they were all able to come and love that Woody and Jessie drove the LONG drive to come see us!!!
Banks had a pretty relaxing weekend getting spoiled by all the family!

We thought this picture was a good idea when we were taking it....
Now, we are pretty sure we should submit it to "awkward family photos!"
Its our "prom done cajun style" photo!

Smith LOVES dancing!

from bulldogs to tigers to cajuns!!!

When we moved from Starkville to Clemson, I decided to start a tradition. I wanted a photo represnting the school that we were leaving behind and the team that we were joining! In twenty years, who knows how many places that arrow will have pointed to!

neighborhood crawfish boil!

golfing with grandpa