Tuesday, September 30, 2008

oh SPIT...

Reed was enjoying a wonderful day with his precious son and talking about how sweet and cute his little man is...They took a nap, watched Monday night football and then... His sweet Smith had a little accident. This is was a GRAND event. I was in the bedroom and heard Reed screaming from the living room. You can't really see what a mess Smith made of himself...but check out the mess he made of his daddy...
I will spare you the picture of the spit up that went DOWN his shirt. Just another JOY of being a parent.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Can you count my chins??? THREE. That's right. THREE. I went to Atlanta last weekend for the State game and Smith stayed with Tizzie and Grandpa (my parents.) I don't know WHAT they fed my child but when he came back home he was huge. We had to go to the doctor again on Monday (which was exactly a week after his last checkup) and he weighed I2 pounds 2 ounces!!! That means he gained I2 ounces in 7 DAYS!!!
Come on Smith...next time you go see Tizzie and Grandpa maybe you should lay off the Blue Bell ...

a Saturday without Daddy...

Today Smith and I are watching football all day and getting ready for the Bulldogs to play tonight. This is what Smith thought about Ole Miss beating Florida.... Shock. Complete shock. (note: the spit up on my shirt was his reaction to the blocked kick.) So, do you think I look like my daddy or what???
Smith loves playing with his daddy and can't wait to look for him on TV tonight.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

my big boy and a bride to be....

Smith is 2 MONTHS OLD...We went last week for his 2 month check-up and shots. He was such a good boy and I think the shots were worse for me than they were for him. I can't believe Smith is so grown up. He is a big boy, too. He weighs II pounds and 6 ounces (75th percentile) and is 24 inches long (90th percentile). I guess its no surprise that he is going to be tall. Smith stayed with Tizzie and Grandpa this weekend while we were in Atlanta for the football game. It was the first time we left him overnight and it was really hard to leave him. We were so excited to see him when we got home last night. I think he really missed his daddy and had fun watching the LSU/Auburn game with him.
My friend Lili is getting married in 2 weeks and our friends all got together to celebrate. We surprised her at Papitos and we had a great time.
Doesn't she make a beautiful bride?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm a little bulldog...

When Smith woke up Saturday morning, he was ready for a BIG Saturday of college football action. He got dressed in his vintage t-shirt (it belonged to Lolly when she was a little girl) and wished Daddy good luck as he left to prepare for the big game.
Before our DAWGS played, Smith sat in front of the TV and checked out all the other games. He was glued to the TV while South Carolina was playing....I think he was looking for his friend Sutton's Daddy and cheering for the GAMeCOCKS.
The game was exhausting for us...mentally, emotionally.... I think Smith was tired, too. Being on "this side" of the game, my patience as truly been tested, my skin has gotten a little thicker, and I have learned a lot about HOPe. It is hard to keep things in perspective sometimes when things aren't going your way....but when Reed and I got home from the game SMITH was waiting on us. He sure didn't care if the Bulldogs won or lost...and when you come home to such a sweet blessing, you quickly remember that win or lose, 50-2 or 3-2, whether its your profession or you are just the average fan, at the end of the day....as great as it is, FOOTBALL is just a game. God is so good.

Monday, September 1, 2008

AP and Smith in "matching" outfits that my sister made. AP is learning about matching and LOVeS pointing out when things match. She also is into "hold hands." She will grab Smith's hand and say, "I hold hands. I hold hands." It is so sweet. Smith was not very cooperative with the picture taking. This was the best one I got. Smith was all ready for the game on Saturday.
This is what he thought about the outcome of the game.

Side note: Our computer is falling apart. Not only is our enter button broken, the "e" does not work anymore. You should be proud that I posted today. every time you see an "e" in this post..it was copied and pasted. Nxt tim you will hav to rad th post with no "e's."