Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A few of the coach's wives took me to dinner this week and loaded us up with amazing Gift Cards to finish up our "baby shopping!" It is such a blessing to have wonderful, caring women on the staff who have "been there and done that" WHILE their husbands were working 16 hour days, too!

We LOVE Christmas.

Smith is spending the week in Mississipi with his WONDERFUL grandparents, so before he left, we wanted him to help us put the Christmas tree up!
You should know by now that Daddy LOVES Christmas and would leave the tree up year-round if I would let him.
So you can imagine his disappointment when he pulled the box up from the basement and realized that the bottom of our tree was MISSING! There were only 2 of the 3 parts! We guess it must have gotten "lost" in the move.
So we headed on a late night run to Lowe's for a new tree!
Smith ran and got his tools and loved helping Daddy!
We hope you are having fun getting ready for Christmas, too!

fall in my front yard.

a visitor from the city.

My dear friend Elizabeth, or as Smith says, Witz-betz flew in for a visit last weekend! Liz lives in New York City so we don't get to see her much. We were very excited when she decided to spend a relaxing weekend away from the city with US! Reed was away for a football game and unfortunately, Smith was sick the whole time she was here, but she was a trooper and completeld a crash course in Motherhood 101!!!
Hopefully, we will get to visit her in the CITY soon!
We had a wonderful time and can't wait to see her again!

Smith is having fun helping mama prepare for Baby Brother's arrival!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Missi- sitti!

Daddy was busy with football, so Smith and I took advantage and made our last trip to Mississippi to visit our family and friends before Baby Brother arrives!
Here are some highlights from our wonderful trip!
Smith and Anne Parks had so fun,
but they are a MESS when they get together!
Tizzie and Smith had a fun time at the church's Fall Festival.

Smith played LOTS of golf!
...and lots of cousin time, too!

Tizzie and Grandpa were happy to have everyone there!

Then we headed to Starkville to visit with MORE friends!

Lunch in Jackson with Kim!

Hanging out with Uncle Drew....
...and Ganne.
Smith also stayed a few nights with CC and Pop.
He spent the day with Gannie, too and they went to visit DeeDee!
We had a great time and can't wait for our next trip to
MS with Baby Brother in tow!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Elmo and a visit from Gannie!

Gannie came to visit and we had a FULL weekend of fun!
Sesame Street LIVE!
"There's ELMO!" "Where'd ELMO go???"
The whole gang.

Game Day.
Gannie and Smith with the TIGER!!!