Sunday, January 31, 2010

here she is.

Miss America.
My friend Heidie and I have a tradition of hosting a Miss America party to watch the pageant live with friends. Heidie is the Director of the Miss Mississippi State Pageant and I have loved helping her the past few years. We get to work with, encourage, and prepare the reigning Miss MSU for her trip to Vicksburg to compete in Miss Mississippi!

This year's Miss MSU is the beautiful Fenly Akers. This girl WILL be Miss Mississippi in the next few years and I truly believe after a lot of work with pageant prep that she could seriously compete for THE crown one day! She is a beautiful girl with AWESOME hair and a big heart! I just love her and can't wait to cheer her on this summer.....Here's how we do it....

Taco salads and Margaritas
Heidie's daughter makes homemade crowns for each guest...
we each pick our top 15, then top 5 and write them on our crowns!
(i know what you are thinking...but WE think its FUN
and don't really care if you judge us!)a few of the guests getting ready for the show to start...
Smith LOVES Fenly. He wanted to sit by her all night....
and of ALL the people there, it was so cute that he tried to "crown" her all night long!
I am not allowed to announce my winner until they are about to name the winners. Its kind of a running joke because the past two years I have picked the winner during introductions!!! I liked Miss Virginia the whole time, but have to be honest and say that I thought it might be California until the On Stage Question... Virginia was the only one who sounded like she had ever been asked an interview question...(and believe me, these girls should be plenty prepared by the time they make it to Vegas.) She did a great job and deserved the crown!!!
Congrats Miss America 2010

Bailey is 3!

We spent Sunday afternoon celebrating Bailey Kosko's third birthday. Smith had a great time and he loved the Mickey Mouse theme!
Smith and the birthday boy bouncing together!

Happy Birthday, Bailey!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

first popsicle

tub time

Friday, January 29, 2010

happy birthday, daddy!

Reed celebrated his 31st birthday this month!
He was out of town on his actual birthday so Smith and I
surprised him before he left with balloons, cake and a hibachi dinner!Daddy's favorite...yellow cake, cookie dough ice cream
and...peanut butter!
Smith had so much fun with the balloons! He kept letting them go in the living room and we finally got tired of retrieving them from the vaulted ceilings SO...we took him outside and let him let them go! He thought it was fun for a second to say "bye-bye" to them, but was VERY upset when he realized that they weren't coming back!

Friday, January 15, 2010

grandpa is GReAT!!!

snow day

happy 20I0...

(I know this is a little late...but...)

I think I complained ONE too many times about not having plans for new years eve, so my sweet husband MADE plans!

We headed to Birmingham to shop, eat and celebrate!
Reed's brother and his wife live in B'ham and we had a great time
ringing in the new year with them!

me and my sister-in-law, JessieCelebrating with my man!
Happy New Year!
...and thanks to CC and Pop for entertaining the little guy while we were away!

Bulldog Basketball with POP...

exercising with POP...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

he loves her.
and i think she loves him, too.