Wednesday, June 8, 2011

5 months.

I am a little behind posting Banks' 5 month pictures.

(okay, a lot behind!)
The kid is growing SO much and he looks SO much like his Daddy!!!

We don't go to the doctor until 6 months, so instead of weight stats I will just say that he has grown out of all of Smith's 12 month clothes and the onesie he is wearing in the picture is 18 mo!
and....the little guy got his first tooth on June 2. He has been drooling a lot and gumming on everything. When I looked in his mouth at 10 that morning I told Gannie (who was here visiting) that his gums looked pretty red. For about an hour after lunch he was so fussy. I couldn't get him to nap or take a bottle. When I looked in his mouth about 3 that afternoon THERE WAS A TOOTH!!!

Smith was around 10 months when he got his first tooth so I guess little brother is already getting competitive!!!

At 5 months, Banks is:

rolling over

scooting around on his tummy

sitting up (but topples over if he gets disracted!)

laughing so much...he has the cutest chuckle

sleeping through the night (8:30pm-6:30 without the swaddle!)

eating all fruits and veggies - his favorite is squash and bananas

His brother is almost three. I know he is mine, but I am pretty sure many people would back me up when I say that he is THE funniest child. He is so dramatic- don't know where that comes from - he laughs at himself, and he says the wildest things!


This is my favorite picture, ever. Smith had his first day of Mother's Day Out in Lafayette and he was SO proud that he got to take his new cow lunchbox that his friend Sutton gave him! I guess it was the combonation of his excitement, the bright morning sun in his eyes, and how grown-up he looks in his vintage tee and khakis just melts my heart!!!

Later that day, the excitement wore off and he had a total meltdown at school. He was supposed to stay until 2 (which includes a nap from 12:15-2:00) and he totally lost it when the teacher said "naptime!"

We have decided to stick with the 12:00 pick up time to escape all the drama and just take our nap at home.

Smith's teacher is Ms. Nett (Annette) and his assistant is Ms. Rachel. He really likes school and the thing he loves the most so far???? Throwing his lunch in the garbage! I guess Ms. Nett makes a big deal about them cleaning up their lunch and he is SO proud of himself.

Now, before I go on, I must share with you that I have learned a valuable lesson in motherhood here. Do not plan two big FIRSTS in two days. If the first one (MDO) doesn't go so well, then your chances of FIRST #2 being a well, disaster!

Smith was SO excited about going to the dentist. We talked about it for a week and he LOVES brushing his teeth. When we pulled up in the parking lot our conversation went like this...

Smith: "Is this the dentist?"

Me: "Yes, this is it!"

Smith: "Momma, You're AWESOME!"

He was so excited.....So how bad can it be, right?

This is the only picture I got of him - in the destist's waiting room - because for the rest of the visit my arms, my legs, and ALL of the strength in my body were all tied up holding down a SCREAMING little boy! He was not a fan of the dentist. He was fine sitting in my lap and he even let them count his teeth, but as soon as they wanted him to lay down on the chair, it was like trying to cage a wild animal!!! Luckily, he has great teeth and they said we were doing a wonderful job at home. Gannie was in town and was so sweet to stay home with Banks. I just think that MOMMA would have been the one having the meltdown if I had had both of them with me!!! Let's just say that we can't wait for DADDY to take us to the dentist next time!!!

"Look Momma! I colored you a picture!"

Memorial Day 2011