Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sweet Sundays.

I love dressing the boys up for church on Sundays....unfortunately, most of the church's around here are very casual. I have given in on letting Smith go casual, but Banks has too many things he needs to wear before he RAPIDLY outgrows them. Smith is a mess. He doesn't like doing what he is asked...especially if it means smiling for the camera. We have just started this whole "going limp" thing when we don't get our way!!!

At least sweet Banks was cooperating!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day/ Banks Baby Dedication

What a wonderful Mother's Day I had this year!

We celebrated Mother's Day by having Banks Baby dedication at our "family church" in Carthage. Neither of us grew up in Carthage, but it just so happens that my parents and Reed's dad and step-mom now all live there....AND are in the same Sunday School class! It's also great that my dad's parents attend church there and my sister, my Ganne, and Reed's mom are all only a short drive away.

It was great having all of our family there as we promised to raise our children in a Christian home and to love them as the Lord has called us to love.

We also celebrated all the wonderful MOTHERS in our life!

Now I love my boys, but taking a picture with them is just NOT FUN!

I hope your Mother's Day was as HAPPY as mine!


OUR weekend.

Reed and I took a little weekend get-a-way to nearby New Orleans a few weeks ago. With all that we have had going on in the past 6 months, it was great to spend some time together where didn't have to yell over screaming children just to have a conversation!

GREAT food, sleeping in, walking, shopping, and just having my man by my side!!! I coudn't have asked for a better trip.

GREAT grands!

Reed and I were so happy to finally have the chance to take the boys to see his grandmother, Mimi Stringer and his grandfather DeDe Earle! This was Banks first time to meet them!

DeDe passed along some pretty good genes to his grandkids! He has FIVE grandchildren who played or are currently playing a college sport....FOUR of them had the opportunity to play for a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP in their sport!!! Pretty impressive!!! Let's just hope the good genes continue!!!

Kid Fest!

Anne Parks, Nora, Smith, and Banks had a blast at the Kid Fest in Ridgeland a few weeks ago!!!

"Up from the grave He arose!"

Celebrating Easter with our family was such a blessing.

The Easter Bunny found the boys at Tizzie and Grandpa's house!
Smith was so excited! He grabbed the raquet and yelled, "A tennnnnnis plaaaaaaay-er!!!"

Uncle Drew was super excited when he realized that his shirt matched the boys....I think we will have to get them matching outfits every year!!!

(You can tell the boys were thrilled about taking pictures!!!)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

4 months!

Banks is 4 months old.

He weighs 19.1 pounds and is happy as can be...

(as long as you keep his belly full!)

He loves:

rolling over

motor boat

his brother

rice cereal

"riding the billy goat"

sucking on his hands

his feet

and is:

laughing out loud (so hard that he gets the hickups!)

rolling over from front to back

playing well with toys

grabbing his feet

drooling and chewing on toys and hands

sleeping through the night

(as long as he is tightly swaddled! I don't know how we will ever get rid of that thing!!!)

eating rice cereal twice a day - will start veggies soon!

His brother is 2 years and 9 months.

He thinks he's 15.

Some of our favorite things/and maybe not-so-favorite things about Smith these days:

*He wants to DRIVE every time we get in the car.

*He's very polite. Says thank you, yes ma'am, yes sir.

*Loves hot pockets, chicken nuggets, french fries, and tacos. I have never seen him eat anything green, ever. The doc says that's okay. He drinks tons of "grandpa juice" (V8 Fusion) and takes his vitamins.

*Are you a terrible mom when you drive up to Walgreens drive-thru to get a prescriptions and your kid yells, "Chicken nuggets and French fries!"

*STILL doesn't sleep through the night. He is in our bed usually between 3 and 4am!!!

*Loves American Idol and shaking his booty!

*Loves all things ball. He can hit the baseball and golf ball OVER our back yard fence! He got a tennis raquet and his becoming quite the little pro at that, too!

*Loves to play "tackle" with daddy.

*Loves sticker books.


(prayers graciously accepted.)