Thursday, July 30, 2009

the fair...

Sweet Liz flew home from NYC for a few days and she, like any sensible person, is spending her days at home at the Neshoba County Fair! We haven't seen her since she headed off to the big city in May and we were so excited to get to spend a little time hanging out!
Smith has changed a lot since Elizabeth left and they had so much fun together!

she even took him to watch the horse race!
We love you and miss you, Aunt Liz!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I seriously have a problem with this ear piece phenomenon! I understand that they are safe and helpful when driving in your car, making notes about a conversation, etc....but there are other times when they are NOT appropriate.
It seems that I have noticed this problem a lot recently....
therefore, I give you the TOP FIVE times that it is NOT appropriate to WEAR an ear piece!

1. when you're giving me a pedicure - i am paying hard earned money for someone to pamper me and the WHOLE time, and i mean the WHOLE, ENTIRE time - from soaking to scrubbing to painting - he TALKED on his "ear piece" to his GIRLFRIEND! and you would never believe what they did...they fought about how she didn't want to give him her FACEBOOK PASSWORD! yep! it went from "i'll check that message for you, just give me your password" to "you don't trust me? how can we be in a committed relationship if we don't trust each other? what are you hiding from me?" YOU have GOT to be kidding! take it out and just paint my toes!!!
2. when you're conducting a road block - i went through a road block yesterday and the police officer checking my license was chatting it up with a buddy - maybe his wife - who the heck knows! i could have had three kidnapped children and a terrorist with a machine gun in my front seat and mr. officer would have never noticed! but i am sure whatever he has planned for the weekend will be really fun!
3. when you're working in the drive thru - we picked up some breakfast at the mcdonald's in madison last week and when reed handed the girl his money she said, "whad she say?" reed replied, "excuse me?"...and she seriously looked at him like "you idiot! i'm not talking to you! i'm on my phone!" that's when we noticed the ear piece...(not the drive thru headset...her own personal ear piece!) she was actually mad at US for interrupting her conversation!
4. when you're in the waiting room - i find it a little awkward when anyone talks on their phone in a quiet waiting room. it just makes it worse when they use an ear piece. they are just sitting there right next to you and without moving a muscle say "hey...yeah...who....ummm hmmm.....naw"....and they are looking at you like you should respond...AWKWARD!
5. when you're the LEAD singer of the BAND! - we went to several dinners and parties in vicksburg for miss mississippi and on friday night they had a great band....but the LEAD singer sang the whole time with an EAR PIECE IN HIS EAR!!! i mean is he really gonna be in the middle of "Brick House" and stop the party for an important phone call?!? i don't think so! can think of me next time you see someone inappropriately using a blue tooth! Thanks for letting me vent!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


OBNOXIOUS amount of pictures below...

i just took TOO many cute pictures of my little man that i couldn't pick a favorite!
trying to take a family picture...
my gracious parents made the trip to mobile with us as
the "glorified babysitters" for the weekend.
they are the BEST!
thanks grandpa and tizzie!

Mr. and Mrs. John Woodson Stringer

We spent the weekend at the beautiful GRAND HOTEL in Mobile for Reed's brother's wedding. It was a wonderful weekend and we are so happy for Woody and Jessie!
the bridesmaid's luncheon was great.
it was a cooking demonstration by the hotel chef!
our sweet family before the wedding
i have NO idea what they are looking at, but i LOVE this picture!
the groom and his mother breakin' it down on the dance floor!
i know you won't believe this, (because i can't) but i didn't get a picture of the lovely bride on the wedding day! i will steal one soon and be sure to post!


Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

my favorite things

Smith LOVES my beach hat and his new Handy Manny chair!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

hide and seek

the day in the life of the BIRTHDAY BOY!

Today is Smith's FIRST birthday. I know that every mama thinks their child is the sweetest and the cutest.....but they're wrong! He is seriously the sweetest child. He has the most precious personality and is such a blessing!

He is really busy these days and keeping us on our toes, but we LOVE it!

Here are some pictures of our day together today!He LOVES playing outside!

...and he runs from me when it's time to go inside!
(yes, mama... i put his shoes on before he got in his car!)

It was too hot to sit outside all day so I was a sucker and let Smith play with his new water cart in my KITCHEN! Hey! It's his birthday! There was water EVERYWHERE and he LOVED it!
He also screamed when I tried to take the umbrella down!

Let's not forget to wish Woody AND Stella a happy birthday, too! Yes, it's a busy birthday DAY!

After cupcakes and ice cream....we desperately needed a bath!
...and there is NOTHING he loves more than a bath!

How can you not love that sweet boy and those blue eyes...
We love you!
Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


My husband, father-in-law, and brother-in-law have tried to get me to believe for years that they like eating at Hooters because they have "great wings and burgers!"

We actually eat there once a year when we are at the beach together...and...
as much as I hate to admit it...the burgers ARE really good.

The guys were all very proud of Smith for snuggling up to the
Hooters Girls for a photo op!

He will LOVE this when he is 17!

Monday, July 20, 2009

guess what i did today....

more pics to come...

Sunday, July 19, 2009


We have had a very busy, but FUN summer! I am just sitting down to upload some pictures and I still have to update you on our little man who is ALL over the place now! He will be ONE on Wednesday so I will blog about all his new tricks then!

So, finally....Mexico!
Reed surprised me and planned this trip back in April as the perfect romantic get-away for our anniversary! (and to celebrate our first year as parents!)

I took a lot of pictures and here are a few of my favorites!

this is where i spent about 90% of our time in Mexico...paradise!
this is a great story!
we were at dinner one night and asked our waiter if he would take our picture. he said "wait, wait!" and he came running back with two sombreros. we put them on our heads - well, we TRIED to put them on our heads! they were so tiny! we got so tickled and asked if they had bigger ones - I said, "It won't fit! we need bigger ones because our heads are big!" our sweet waiter took our small hats and was gone for a few minutes...
and when he came back....
he brought us just what we asked for...
Adios , Mexico!
We will be back soon! oh! and you will NOT believe who is still alive and well in Mexico!!!

we couldn't believe it either!