Wednesday, January 28, 2009

30 going on THREE...

Last Sunday Reed and I took Smith to his friend Bailey's birthday party. It was at PUMP IT UP and was so much fun. I think Reed had just as much fun as the little kids! He was jumping around and playing like he was the same size as all the little tots... (which we all know is not the case!) He was making me SO nervous!
The birthday boy!
Smith LOVES bouncing!

Monday, January 26, 2009

6 month check up

Smith had his 6 month check up today...
he LOVED the paper on the table.
he HATED the shots.
18 pounds 14 oz. (90th percentile)
28 in (95 percentile)
he grew THREE inches since his four month check up!
he is so stinkin' sweet!
and he's getting so stinkin' BIG!

i used to think 30 was old....

wait....i still do!

happy 30th Reed!

you are as good as gold. we love you!

Friday, January 23, 2009

so my friend ashley just blogged about her love for THE BACHELOR. every year...every single year, i promise myself that i will NOT get sucked into watching the bachelor. then i always watch the first episode and i'm hook. now that i "know" these girls, i MUST watch to see who he picks.

make fun of my all you want, but i know there are some fans out there! and you ALL have your own opinions of the girls.

well, here's what I think.

Jillian - she's my favorite. he really likes her, too. she has a great sense of style and i love that she always looks so great but doesn't look like she tried at all!
Lauren - she's cute. Reed thinks he is going to pick her!
Megan - she's a snake.
Melissa - very cute, but too immature...ahhh, she's growing on me.
Molly - i'm pretty sure this is who is going to pick. (for now)
Naomi - like her, too. i think she is honest.
Nikki - seriously, did she say, "I know I'm smart and beautiful, but sometimes smart and beautiful just isn't enough?" ugh. i just want to throw some mud on her and mess up her hair.
Shannon - she is CRAZY. she is REALLY crazy. I cannot believe she is still there.
Stephanie - i love her. she is genuine. she is sweet. she needs to get rid of all that terrible jewelry and someone needs to tell her that three rings on one hand is two too many...but hey, you can't hate a girl for her love of jewelry!

so what do you think?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

6 months...

My sweet boy is 6 months old today! He is so much fun and is FULL of personality!What a JOY!

We love you!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

thanks for the cute header, laura!

hurry up momma....

So I was fixing Smith's lunch today, but I guess I wasn't quit enough....I look over and THIS is what I found! I mean, his toe was IN his mouth and he was sucking on it like it was his thumb!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

sweet Sunday

Reed has been working all weekend and Smith and I have been doing a lot of nothing today. We have been jumping, singing, sitting up and still TRYING to roll over! I can't think of a better way to spend my Sunday afternoon than laughing and playing with my little man! He is so fun!

Tell me this isn't the sweetest sight.
Smith loves playing with his friend Halie. Halie's mom is one of my dear friends and she loves babies. She is only 10 so she is just learning, but she (with her mom's supervision) is a great sitter. She is learning a lot about babysitting from Smith and loves to come play with him whenever she can. She came over today to play with us!
Hope your Sunday is as sweet as mine!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Smith is not much of a napper...he likes to fall asleep in my arms and then AS SOON as I lay him down he is WIDE awake. He sleeps GREAT when he is swaddled, but he is almost 6 months old! Unless I want to send a swaddle with him to kindergarten, we have to learn to sleep without the swaddle!
When I lay him down and he sleeps for SIX WHOLE minutes...we always chant "Naps are for NERDS! Naps are for NERDS!" Reed says I need to be careful or he will be screaming that at me in a few years! My sister made Smith this cute onesie for Christmas and I think it is JUST perfect!

hey momma...look what i can do!

Smith is sitting up and he is SO proud of himself!

It is so great watching him just sit there. He looks like such BIG boy!

Smith also loves to "sing" (if that is what you want to call it.) He has recently discovered that he can make lots of different noises and at different pitches.

He is SO much fun!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

it must run in the family

i think Smith is following in Uncle Drew's footsteps...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

i LOVE dave. my husband loves dave, too. sometimes my husband thinks he IS dave. i love dave so much that my husband even took me to see dave LIVE for my birthday! (yes, that is what i asked for AND it was awesome!)

i think his ministry is just amazing and what he does truly is life changing.

i was listening to dave yesterday on my drive from madison to starkville and just wanted to share what i heard. dave was talking about new year's resolutions and how low their success rate is. no one ever sticks to their resolutions and here is why...because they are resolutions, not goals. he then challenged me (his listeners) to set GOALS.

there are 5 things a goal must have to be a GOOD goal.
1. it must be SPECIFIC.
2. it must be MEASURABLE.
3. it must be YOURS.
4. it must have a TIME LIMIT.
5. it must be IN WRITING.

there are 7 different areas in which you should set goals.
1. career
2. financial
3. spiritual
4. physical
5. intellectual
6. family
7. social

i was so excited listening to him. i have never really set resolutions because i thought they were silly. sure, i might stop biting my nails for a few days or not eat fast food for a good month or so. setting GOALS sounds so much more important than having a resolution to me. what better time to set goals than at the beginning of a new year. i am excited about setting my goals, on my own and with reed.

so, happy new year.
go set some GOALS and who cares if you keep biting your nails!

I have been taking Smith with me to work the past few weeks while my girls were on Christmas vacation. He really is so sweet and good while we are at work, but I only have 2 hands and dealing with a 5 month old AND "the public" at the same time is a CHORE!
Luckily, I have really great customers who LOVE seeing Smith at the store! My customers are very loyal and some come in a few times a week! Most of them have been shopping with me for a long time so they were so excited to find out I was expecting, checked in on me throughout my pregnancy, and adore watching Smith grow each week!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Congratulations Woody and Jessie!We are so excited that Reed's brother Woody and his girlfriend Jessie got engaged over the holidays! We love them both and are so happy for them!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

this is how WE do it

Reed and I had great intentions of a late night, childless NEW YEAR'S celebration...but THIS is how it turned out.
Smith started feeling bad and running a fever on Monday and Wednesday the doctor gave us some antibiotics to treat bronchitis! He has just been so pitiful and it is so heartbreaking to see his sickness in his eyes.

We had several friends over earlier for dinner and to watch the Chick-fil-a Bowl and had a great time.
Reed started feeling bad, too and by the time all of the company was gone, we was groggy and ready for bed! By midnight Smith was in bed and we were, too! Reed and I just talked about all the wonderful (and not so wonderful) things that can happen in a year. Our family has been very blessed in 2008. I know we weren't in Time Square or at a bar or even at a party with friends, but I ended the year in the perfect way and in the perfect place...doing the one thing I love more than anything...
at home with my family...taking care of my two sweet boys!

Happy New Year!

5 months

Smith is FIVE MONTHS old... At 5 months he is:
eating solid foods.
laughing so hard he gets the hick-ups EVERY time.
very ticklish like his momma.
rolling over (sorta).
loving JUMPING in the rain forest jumper he got for Christmas.
drooling. alot.
a momma's boy. big time!