Wednesday, May 27, 2009

grands are great

Not only did Smith get to hang out with Tizzie and Grandpa all weekend, but he got to see his other grandparents, too!
Sunday, we went to visit Gannie and had a great time!
Reed and Smith spent Monday hanging out with CC and Pop...the water was still a little cold but he loved splashing around a little!

CC was either taking the pictures OR entertaining Stella....we will make sure to get a pic with her next time!

Princesses & Pirates

the cake....the birthday girl...the whole family...
the bouncy house...
uncle drew was the fan favorite...
the food...

Ganne and the scary pirate...
the presents...
We all had a wonderful time and I must say the parents who brought their children were quite impressed with the family participation!
(***hey the dress???)
I was a big I was told. Several of the kids, including Laura's niece, Maggie seriously thought I was Belle. She sat by me and wanted to hold my hand during the entire party! It was really cute and so much fun....until Reed threatened to rent me out on Saturdays for extra cash!!!

Happy Birthday AP!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

prep time

Preparing for a birthday party is lots of work...and with our family, it was almost as fun as the actual party! AP will turn 3 soon and we wanted to make sure she had her PERFECT princess party BEFORE baby sister arrives in a few weeks!

Shopping for party supplies! Of course, Laura MADE a fabulous cake for the it is in the making.

You'll have to wait to see the finished product....

We decided that the streamers would have to go up AFTER little man went to bed!

It was fun but we were all worn out and needed a good nights sleep before the festivities began!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

10 months...

Smith will be 10 months tomorrow and he is A MESS!
He is standing up by himself and about to start walking...
He's getting taller and starting to thin out and look like a little boy and not my BABY!
He waves bye bye, kisses me, and babbling up a storm!
He still only has 2 teeth and we are STILL waiting on the top two!
He LOVES playing peek-a-boo, or as we call it..."pee pie!"
Nilla Wafers are my new best friend! I often refer to them as "magic cookies!"

my first goose egg...

see the big goose egg on his head? it's not too bad, but it was the first one.....
and as I am typing this, he just slammed his head into the corner of my old pie safe! We will post pics of THAT bruise tomorrow when it arrives!

who's that cutie in the oven?

Smith has discovered himself in the's so funny!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Where's Smith?Peek-a-boo!
Our new favorite game that he plays until his arms get tired!

a BIG turn around

Smith has discovered a whole new world...He has turned around in his car seat and he thinks it is the greatest thing ever! He loves being able to see everything and gets so tickled when he sees me in the mirror!

shopping for baby sister

Smith, and I spent the weekend with my family and we had a great time helping Lolly and Anne Parks prepare for baby sister's arrival very soon. We worked on the nursery, did some shopping, and AP even attended a BIG SISTER class!

AP is going to be a VERY good big sister!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

mama's little helper

Smith LOVES helping with the dishes!

Showing off my pearly whites!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

new arrivals at MINT for your HOME

Check out the MINT blog to see some of the great new things we have in the store! We add new things to the floor daily and hope that you come see us soon!

busy bee

So my father-in-law told me today that I must be SOOOO busy with the new store! When I asked why he thought that (which was totally the truth) he said, "Because you haven't blogged in over a WEEK!"
So for those of you who check up on us regularly, I apologize for the lack of blogging! The store has kept me super busy and my little man hasn't slowed down, either!
Smith had his 9 month check up last week and "surprise, surprise" was in the 95% percentile in height and weight! We are wearing 18 month clothing, waving bye-bye, saying "ma-ma" and "ball" (sorta) and getting closer to walking every day!
We are ALSO awaiting the arrival of our top two teeth and it. is. not. fun.
And if you can't tell from the picture, they are still trying to figure out who my mama is!