Monday, September 24, 2007

could it get any better?

This weekend was so great! The MINT grand opening was a HUGE success, the DAWGS are 3-1 and I had a house (and store) full of family and friends!

My mom and my sister came to help out with the grand opening! They have been so much help with the store from the beginning. They are so supportive of me and my new adventure!

Okay, so I am the luckiest boss in the whole world! I have the BEST employees ever! They are so talented and creative and responsible and gosh, I could go on forever! I LOVE them!

I also have a pretty cool brother! He and his girlfriend came by and hung out at the store for a little while! I was really glad to have them there, too!

My grandmother, "Ganne," came, too! She really enjoyed the grand opening and the football game. She did a little shopping herself and got a cute denim jacket!

My Daddy and alot of other family and friends came, too! We were a little too busy to get pictures with everyone! But THANKS to everyone who came by and showed their support! It was a wonderful day for me and I was proud to share it with my friends and family!
On with the weekend....GO DAWGS! We are 3-1 and we are so excited! Reed and I were happy about the game and also happy to have our friends and family in town. Reed's brother, Woody, and his girlfriend, Jessie, were here! We love getting to hang out with them and hate that we don't get to see them more often!!!

So this is my favorite picture! Sunday morning we were all going to eat and Reed and Woody (his little brother) walked into the living was hilarious! They were dressed JUST alike! Not only did they both have on a blue was the SAME t-shirt! ...and they had on khaki shorts...AND the SAME tennis shoes! Two peas in a pod! They are TOO cute!

Our friends, Brad and Mary Fisher, were also in town. (His wife was being a good mother and stayed home with their sweet daughter while we all went out.) Brad was happy to be in Starkville and even more excited that his DAWGS pulled off a victory!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Saturday, September 22
10 am to 4 pm
refreshments * BIG sales * door prizes
For those of you who may not know, I have opened a consignment boutique in Starkville. We have been open for 5 weeks and this weekend we are finally celebrating our GRAND OPENING! I have to be honest and say that I never knew how busy we would be! I mean, I knew I had a pretty good idea and thought that it would be great for Starkville, but the support and business I have had has been overwhelming! So for those of you who have consigned or shopped with me, and to those of you who have simply spread the word about my new venture, THANKS!
Just a little more about the store and some of the treasures you might find:
Just some of the brands we have include: marc jacobs, banana republic, free people, kld, jcrew, ann taylor, talbots, cache, a.b.s., too the max, nine west, GAP, ralph lauren, french connection, seven jeans, bentley arbuckle, and SO much more.
We have also just received a collection of merchandise from a boutique in Birmingham which includes New London jeans and lots of great tops and dresses!
We have a variety of shoes ranging in size from 6-12. From donald pliner, nine west and coach to puma and yellow box, we have shoes for all occasions!
We have purses BIG and small, new and old. We have a great selection of vintage beaded bags and clutches. You can also find Nine West, Maxx New York, Dooney and Burke, DKNY, Kenneth Cole, Vera Bradley and others!
MINT is Starkville's exclusive dealer of ANNIE FRALEY jewelry. ANNIE FRALEY is handmade, one-of-a-kind vintage jewelry that is to HOT to keep in stock! We also have a great selection of costume jewelry!
You never know WHAT you might find when you shop at MINT.....and you MUST check back regularly! We put out a minimum of 100 new items EVERY day!
Come see us....and bring a FRIEND!

Monday, September 17, 2007

what a weekend!

This was such a great weekend! WE BEAT AUBURN!!!! It was so awesome! The guys played so hard and they really deserved the win! I have never seen 87,000 people look so sad! To make the weekend even better...I got to see KILEY! I was so glad that she was there and was able to exprience a BULLDOG win! Here are some pics from the weekend.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

quiet strength

Okay, so I DO NOT read. Yes, my sister is an English teacher and has probably read more books in one summer than I have read in my whole life. However, I do like to read "self-help" books, memoirs, biographies, just won't ever find me laying on the beach reading a big fat novel. NO THANKS! Anyway, my point is this. I just got finished reading THE BEST book and I wanted to recommend it to EVERYONE!

The name of the book is QUIET STRENGTH and it is the memoir of Tony Dungy. For those of you who may not know (b/c you have obviously been living in a dark whole for the past 10 years), Tony Dungy is the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts and this year made history for becoming the first African American head coach to win a SUPER BOWL! Although this was a wonderful accomplishment and Coach Dungy was proud of the strides he made for Afriacan Americans, he was even more concerned that the country see him as a Christian coach, not just a black coach. In his book, he takes you through his life as a coach, but most importantly, how he has continued to glorify Christ through the ups and downs in his career and his life.
You will learn very quickly by reading this blog that FOOTBALL is a really big part of life at the Stringer house. But that is just it. FOOTBALL is a PART of our life. NOT our life. As Coach Dungy says in his book, fooball is just a game. It lasts 3 hours on a Saturday and then it is over. You cannot let football (or anything else for that matter) become your life. (as a coach, player, or even as a fan.)
Reed and I truly relate to Coach Dungy and his wife, Lauren. Before we married, Reed and I promised that we would live by keeping "the 3 F's" in the right order in our marriage and our family. FAITH...FAMILY...then FOOTBALL.
I won't tell you the WHOLE entire book....(I totally could, but I don't want to ruin it for you) but I really do encourage everyone to read it. You don't have to know anything about football, or even like football. The book is NOT about football. It is about glorifing God in your family, work and everyday life. It just happens to be written by a football coach. Happy reading!

Monday, September 10, 2007

its been a "leetle" too long

Yay! I just found out that I get to see my friend, Kiley, this weekend. She lives in Texas and I have not seen her since my wedding OVER a year ago! For those of you who don't know, I worked at Camp Ozark as a counselor for 3 summers during college. Kiley and I met and camp and became instant friends! We kept in touch and became best friends. She came to Mississippi last summer to be in my wedding and I haven't seen her since then! Our friendship is totally a "God-thing" and she is such a blessing to me! I just hate that I don't get to see her more often. I can't wait!!!

victory is sweet....

We had a great time in New Orleans this weekend. There were so many STATE fans there and it was a really great win for the DAWGS! I went down to New Orleans with my parents, my brother, and my friend, Ann.

Reed was so excited about the big win!!! My favorite part of winning a game is waiting for Reed and the guys outside of the locker room. You can see the excitement and pride they are feeling as the come "strolling" out to greet their families. The down side to the game this weekend was this....Reed left with the team to fly home immediately after the game and we were driving back to Madison. Reed called me to tell me that he had landed in Columbus and we were STILL driving over the bridge!!! He was sound asleep in Starkville before we even got back half way back to Madison!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

my little bulldog....

Don't you just LOVE college football? What a blessing it is to watch Reed do something he loves every single day! We are headed to new orleans this weekend for the tulane game. The guys have really worked hard this week and we are just praying the team's hard work will pay off with a victory! GO DAWGS!!!

a little envy...

okay, so after months of stalking other blogs i was beginning to feel a little left out. i have no idea what i am doing so this will be a little basic. if anyone would like to offer their advice on how to "spiff" this thing up a little, that would be great!!!