Thursday, April 30, 2009

sneak peek

check out the MINT blog for a quick look into the new store!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

am i a terrible mom?

My child really enjoys watching TV....Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny...the usuals.
I enjoy watching TV, too... and I am afraid that Smith may be getting a little too familiar with one of my favorites. Watch and LISTEN.......

a Sunny Sunday

Today was beautiful. I happen to be celebrating my birthday today and I couldn't think of a better way than to play in the backyard with my two favorite fellows! For some reason it seems to ALWAYS rain on my birthday and I was so thankful to spend a SUNNY Sunday celebrating!
We got this (what we thought was a) FUN toy for Smith. It is a play mat that fills up with water and then it starts squirting out the top! He was loving sitting in the water and splashing around but AS SOON as that water started squirting up he went nuts! He did NOT like it! He really loves the water...I just think it surprised him. (and it was a little cold, too!)
Get me OFF of this thing!
Our sweet Daddy blowing up the pool....

What a FUN day!

visiting daddy at work....

Smith and I took a stroll around campus last week and stopped in to see Daddy at work.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

9 months!

Smith is NINE months old!
He is full of personality and ON the GO!
A few stats:
2 teeth
crawling, pulling up and cruising
HATES having his diaper changed...LOVES being naked
loves the bathtub
GROWING... (wearing 12 to 18 months!)
loves playing football with his daddy!

Here is what it is like trying to get him to sit still for picture....

...and the impossible task of changing his diaper. You have to have magical powers to get it done quick OR......this is what you get!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cotton District Arts Festival

We had a great weekend! We were happy that the weather didn't totally take over and we were able to enjoy a day of festivities, food, friends and football!
My sister and her friends had a booth at the arts festival and it was a huge success! At the "Old Friends" booth they sold screen printed adult tees, onesies and bibs for babies and much more! ......AND everything was made from recycled THRIFT store finds...which I love, of course!
Smith was a great model for them. He is wearing a cute hat (made from the neck of a turtleneck!) and a "more crawfish, please" bib.

We had a long day, but my little guy was a real trooper!
AP and Smith waiting to watch the "dancing girls."
snack time!
AP wearing a sweatshirt from the "Old Friends" booth!
We were so excited to meet up with some friends for lunch at THE GRILL! We were happy that they stuck us over in the corner...which we turned into a nursery! Smith was snoozing in his stroller, Mary Cameron was chillin' in hers, and Garrett was loving the ladies!

After the festival, we went to the Spring Game. (because we love our daddy.) I think CC and Pop were worn out! Smith is not much for sitting still these days!
*Hey Porter, do you like my outfit???

a playdate with Mary Cameron

Smith and I strolled and played with Mary Cameron and her mama last week. They were so funny with each other. MC was trying so hard to play with Smith and all Smith wanted to do was find something to pull up on! Here are few of our failed attempts to get a cute picture!

What a fun day!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


A few weeks ago I had Smith's pictures taken by Renee Reedy. I just love her! She did a great job with Smith and the pictures turned out great! Here is just a sneak peak...

Monday, April 13, 2009

ode to elizabeth....

Do you have a friend that can read your mind? One that can complete your sentences, knows what you are thinking before you do, and supports the decisions you make on a daily basis?
What if that friend was also your employee? What a blessing, right?
My dear Liz came to work for me the first month the store was opened in August of 2007. She walked into MINT in a t-shirt and jeans with her class schedule on a sticky note! Who would have thought that day that she would soon become part of the MINT family...a part of MY family, too?!? Elizabeth has been with me for almost 2 years now and has been the Store Manager at MINT for half of that time.

You might catch her saying that MINT is HER store...and well, it sorta is. She has poured her heart, her energy, and her time into "our" store for the past two years.....

and now...
she's leaving me for the BIG CITY!

As appealing as it sounds to run a consignment shop in Mississippi, the internship that she has with Escada in NYC is tearing her away! I am SO proud of her! After a summer of interning with Escada in London, they didn't hesitate to offer her a similar position in New York.

She is not just employee. She has become one of my dearest friends who I can count on for anything, not just at the store! She is loyal, hard-working, passionate, brutally honest, and unique. She loves my child. She has a great sense of style and an eye for color. She is confident and compassionate. She may have gotten her start at a little consignment shop in Mississippi, but for Liz, the sky is the limit!

I almost didn't make it through SPRING BREAK without her! What on earth will I do when she is gone for good?!?

We love you! Can't wait to come visit!

Disclaimer: Bob and Kathy...if May comes and you can't find your daughter....I had NOTHING to do with it!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

He arose.

Lots of pictures to see from a fun weekend......

Daddy and Smith decorating the eggs with stickers.The Easter Bunny brought Smith a swing and a football...
and some eggs filled with yummy apple puffs!
Gannie was so sweet to give Smith a bunny, some books and a very special Easter basket.
This was Reed's first Easter basket and Gannie saved it for Smith!
(I have the best mother-in-law! She kept EVERYTHING; and I really appreciate sentimental things that belonged to Reed!)

Reed's grandfather celebrates a birthday this week and we were happy to celebrate with him!
Happy Birthday, Dee Dee!

Up from the grave He arose, with a mighty triumph o'er His foes.
He arose a victor from the dark domain, and He lives forever with His saints to reign.
He arose! He arose! Hallelujah! Christ arose!

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

on the move...

I know I have really been slacking, but I am trying to keep up with my child who has decided to CRAWL, PULL-UP and CRUISE all at the same time....oh, and let's not forget to mention the two little teethies he has poking through these days, too!

I seriously think he will be walking in the next month or so!

Disclaimer: PLEASE turn the volume down on your computer. It will spare you listening to my totally redneck-sounding ramblings!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

we're not just clothes anymore!

I know I have been slacking lately in the blog world and besides the BIG BAG SALE at the store on Saturday, and my energetic 8 month's why...

We're not just clothes anymore!!!

I am SO excited to announce that MINT is opening a second location on MAY 1 that will specialize in furniture and home accessories. Please check out our MINT blog for more details!