Monday, October 11, 2010

he's two.

...and here are a few things that two year old boys do.
I picked him up from MMO this morning to find out that he was put in "time out" for TACKLING a little girl today! He has this new thing about wanting to "tackle" all the time. He knows he can't tackle momma and Baby Brother and that he is only supposed to tackle daddy...but I guess since daddy wasn't around, this tiny little girl at school would just have to do! I think my mother was right when she said that she hoped Baby Brother was born wearing a football helmet. I think he's gonna need it!
I guess the theme of the day is that my child is resourceful. Can't find daddy? Tackle the first person in site. Can't find a ball? Hit the first thing in site with a baseball bat.
After hearing a loud noise, I turned around and found this.
He wacked his juice cup (which happened to be FULL of V8 juice) with a baseball bat and juice went everywhere. He got in trouble and was sent to "time out!" When he saw this picture on my computer he said, "Smith's mess. Time out, momma. I sorry."

He may make a lot of messes and spend a lot of minutes in "time out" but he is the sweetest thing in the world and I love him!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pendleton Fall Festival

Pendleton is a great little historic town outside of Clemson. They have a beautiful square and today was their annual Fall Festival. Smith and I headed out early for "donut balls" and then on to the festival. The weather is perfect here and we had a fun morning! Now we are back home gearing up to watch the Tigers play football on tv!

Smith loved the banjo music!
...he could have watch the banjo player all day!
Smith got to decorate his own pumpkin and he did a great job!
they even had a petting zoo!
the highlight of the day was the PONY RIDE!
he was so proud of himself and looked so big up there!

We hope you're having as much fun this fall as we are!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

the pumpkin patch at denver downs

Smith and I joined some friends from the MOMS Club at the pumpkin patch this week! There were lots of activities and the weather was perfect!

Smith and his friend McKain.

Smith made his way through the pumpkin patch...
and picked out the perfect pumpkin.
Of all the pumpkins in the patch, this is the one he wanted. I thought about making him put it back to get a "good" one, but it was just too cute and he was so proud of it!
It was the most beautiful day. Look at that sky!
hay maze.
horsey swing in the hay barn.
Pumping the well...
Smith loved the BIG tube slide. It was FAST and most of the kids Smith's size were going down with a parent, but I was alone and obviously didn't think 7 months pregnant and a 30 foot high tube slide were a good combination so I was proud of him for being so fearless and going alone!
The cow ride was a BIG hit with all the kids!

They also had a petting and feeding area with goats, sheep, and pigs.
Smith loved the goats.
Here he is making a goat sound.

When we got home, Smith wanted to put the pumpkins by "momma's fours."

I am so excited that October is finally here. It is one of my favorite months and I am already loving eveything about my first "REAL" fall in South Carolina!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

10 things i loved about this weekend.

1. I loved the homecoming displays.
Fraternities and Sororities are paired together to make what I called "non-moving floats." They have been working on their chicken wire/tissue paper creations all week and it has been neat to drive by and see them coming together! They were REALLY good and you would never guess they were make out of tissue paper!

2. I loved spending time with family.
Reed's brother Woody (Uncle Awesome) and his wife Jessie came to see us this weekend for the first time in Clemson. CC and Pop were here, too, and we had a great time!!!

3. I love that I am almost 6 feet tall and my husband makes me look short.
4. I love my two (and a half) boys.
5. I love that EVERYONE in Clemson wears ORANGE all. the. time.
....but that doesn't mean I am going to do it. I have realized that orange is just not my color AND I firmly believe that no pregnant woman should EVER wear orange, especially in OCTOBER!So I reverted back to my majorette days and decided that a festive TIGER PAW on our cheeks would have to do!
6. I love when Smith says, "Go Tigers!"
7. I love that we can walk to the football games from our house!

8. I love pre-game.
I am so impressed with Clemson's pregame. Besides all the excitment about the game, Howard's Rock, and running down the hill, they say THE PLEDGE, sing GOD BLESS AMERICA, sing THE NATIONAL ANTHEM, sing the CLEMSON ALMA MATER, and PRAY!!! It's GREAT!
9. I love Homecoming "Mississippi Style" much better.
Their version of homecoming was a tractor pulling a float with 5 girls on it...the Queen and her court. What happened to big poofy white dresses and being escorted by your daddy?
Clemson's Homecoming Queen
10. I loved watching Smith play with Uncle Awesome.
Woody and Jessie don't have any kids yet, but they will be ready when the time comes! Smith wore them out! I'm not sure if Woody or Smith had more fun but they BOTH had a blast!
We had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed our company!
Come back and see us again, soon!