Sunday, July 24, 2011

"choot em! choot em"

We LOVE Swamp People....and obviously, so does everyone else in South Louisiana! Smith and I were so excited about walking over to our neighborhood supermarket today to get our picture with TROY from our favorite show!

We DID get to see Troy and I took several pictures, including this one!!!

But we didn't wait in THIS line!!!

The meet and greet was from 11-2. When we got there at 12 they told us it was a TWO hour wait from where we were and that they couldn't promise us we would get to the front before he had to leave! I obviously didn't come prepared for a two hour wait with two kiddos in a stroller...but these people were not joking! They had folding chairs, coolers of Milwaukee's Best, cartons of cigarettes, and we decked head to toe in their "choot 'em" gear!
note: I am not being judgemental, simply stating facts.
One lady behind me was commenting to her friend that "Troy was the hottest man on TV" and she would "wait TEN hours to hug his neck!" Fact people, true fact.
I finally made the decision to go in a just buy a few groceries and maybe we could catch a glimpse of him from the check-out line. LUCKILY, that satisfied Smith just fine and he even got close enough to wave at Troy!
Smith was so excited and wanted to come home and watch Troy "choot sum gatas!!"

Sugar Jams

Our neighbor is always having special events - parades, parties, music fests - you name it! Saturday night, after some fancy front porch dining - McDonald's Happy Meals- we all loaded up and headed to Sugar Jams! The weather was iffy, but we enjoyed some music, dancing, and yogurt at the new neighborhood ice cream shop!
Smith and Isaac really were having a fun time!

front porch party

We live in a "front porch neighborhood." Everyone is always outside, kids playing...we love it! The boys and I sit on the front porch EVERY day and most days are joined by Smith's friend Issac and his momma, Bridget. They are wonderful neighbors and becoming great friends, too!

Isaac missed Smith's party bc he was out of town. He and his momma were SO sweet that they threw Smith his own little private party on their front porch - cake (that Isaac made himself), presents, and a sparkler candle!!!

Thanks, Isaac...for making Smith feel so special!!!

celebrating SMITH!

Smith had a wonderful birthday party! We had a beach theme with lots of water toys in the backyard and the kids had a BALL!

Meena, Smith, Connor, and Ella eating their snack!

Smith's favorite gift...a new bike from Momma, Daddy, and Banks.

Smith is THREE!

Height: 3'4"

Weight: 34.4 pounds

Here are SMITH's answers to the following questions...

Some of his favorites:

Food - chicken nuggets and french fries and sticks

Drink - Grandpa Juice (V8 Fusion)

Activities - drawing, play dough, dancing, ball, riding bikes

Books - animal book, Goodnight Moon, Cordoury

Toys - bike, Buzz Light Year

Movie - Cars

TV Shows - Swamp People, Wipeout, America's Got Talent, Mickey Mouse

(and yes, he listed them in THAT order!

Sorry, Mickey...he's growing up- he's three!)

Store - Target

Team - Ragin' Cajuns

Q - What do you love about Momma and Daddy?

A - "You went to that trip and Randi was here and you come back and I so happy!"

Q -What do you love about Banks?

A - "Ridin' in the car by me."

Q - Where would you like to take a trip?

A -"To Tizzie and Granpa's house!"

Q - Who are your best friends?

A - "Isaac and Alex and Ava."

Some of Smith's other favorite things are:

Firetrucks, Ambulances, and Police Cars

Cooking - in the kitchen with momma and on the grill with daddy

dancing to "daddy's beat"

Randi - our babysitter

washing his hands

driving - or ASKING to drive

My favorite "Smithisms:"

"Momma, I wanna tell you sumpin."

Calling across the house - "Momma! Where you are? You hidin' for me?"

"I want more milk."

My favorite words:
hornt (horn), ring-bell (his bell on his bike), wimmin soup (swimming suit)
"new cookies"
"new Randi"

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

beach 2011

the beach pictures.

Here are just a few....I will post more when I get the disc in!!!