Wednesday, March 26, 2008

N is for Never-ending...

as in...the NEVER-ENDING pile of clothes at the store that I need to get out. I am NOT posting a picture of this! You would either think I was lazy and wonder what in the world we do all day at work OR you would feel really sorry for me and think I was crazy for owning a consignment store. But...I LOVE it! We are just so busy right now. Everyone is doing spring cleaning and bringing their items in to consign! And I don't mean they bring in a few tops to sell....they clean out their WHOLE house and bring in 100 of items!!!

Luckily, shoppers are coming in just as fast as consignors! We are also working on our "facelift..." adding new racks and displays and lots of new clothes! Things are crazy but if I could just get to the bottom of this NEVER-ENDING pile of clothes I could take a deep breath!