Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Banks LOVE pizza

goo goo ga ga

Banks is talking more and more every day! His vocabulary now includes:
mama, ball, dog, hot, and no!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Smith at 3 and a half.....

Smith wearing his "ear glasses!"

*Can knock the baseball OVER the fence.

*Throws the football and baseball acurately.

*Loves Baby Jesus and says "Mary and Jo-phes"

*Likes to help me cook

*makes me turn around or close the down when he goes to the bathroom!

*likes Bob the Builder, Mickey Mouse, Super Readers, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates

*wants "chicken nuggets and french fries" for every meal!

*is better at directions than most adults

*knows shapes

*is very polite - says SORRY and THANK YOU a lot!

*likes to jump and flip on the couch!

*wears a headset - pretending to be a football coach - but calls them EAR GLASSES!

*loves to "run out" like the football team.

New Orleans Bowl 2011

Reed and the UL coaching staff led the CAJUNS to their first bowl game in 40 years!!! It was a great experience for the fans, and we had a blast, too!


Dinner with the Sun Belt Conference Commissioner at Commander's Palace
Banks is ONE!
(and into everything!)
Breakfast with CC and Pop at our favorite, The Camellia Grill!

Our favorite server Joey - wishing Banks a happy 1st birthday and inviting him back to New Orleans for his 21st birthday!!!

Staff Family Day - Tour of Mardi Gras Word

...and a cooking demonstration with LIVE music!

Banks LOVED it! peek-a-boo!

...then masking making for the kiddos!

Grandpa, Tizzie, and Drew arrived Thursday at lunch!

Wives Progressive Dinner

By Friday morning the WHOLE crew was here!

Banks birthday party at Cafe du Monde!


Pep Rally and Graduation Ceremony!

UL Graduation was Saturday morning of the game so they allowed the 5 graduating seniors from the team to receive their diplomas from the school President during the pep-rally in front of thousands of fans! It was really amazing!

Parade to Spanish Plaza for Battle of the Bands

My sweet boys at the hotel! They loved staying in the big hotel!

Smith said he wanted to live there FOREVER!


Tizzie and Smith went to see The Polar Express at the iMax! Once Smith had his popcorn, m&ms and an Icee, he didn't budge through the whole movie! He LOVED it! After the movie, he and Tizzie rode the trolly while Grandpa, Andrew, and I toured the new WWII museum!

Banks after a GOOD nap Saturday afternoon!

After a long week of fun activities, it was finally game time!

We were excited AND overwhelmed after winning in the last 6 seconds of the game!!!

Smith was kicking until 2:45! He was just as excited as everyone else!

UL 32 San Diego State 30



Banks is ONE!

It was a very special birthday for him! Since we were already in New Orleans for the bowl game, we decided to have a classic NOLA celebration!

We had his party at Cafe du Monde! He loved all the powdered sugar and we had a fun time with all the family there, too! After breakfast, we went to the aquarium and then had lunch at Daisey Dukes. Banks celebrated ALL week and got lots of LOVE!


29 pounds

*walking 10 steps at a time, but still favors "scooting"

*says "ball, mama, dada, dog, and no"

*loves Stella

*wants to play outside all day

*thinks he is as big as his brother - and soon he will be!

*sleeps like a rock from 7pm to 7am

*likes playing music with his horn or piano

*plays with cars

*says "RRRArrrr" with the dinosaurs

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Taking Christmas Pics is not easy.

Monday, October 3, 2011

the last saturday.

We always try to do something together as a family on "the last Saturday" before the season starts and Daddy's weekends disappear. Luckily, our neighborhood was having another fun event! Smith was a little timid and didn't want to go down the big slide, but he found something else that caught his eye and captured his attention for the rest of the event!

TENNIS! He had so much fun...and he was really good, too!