Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Smith at 3 and a half.....

Smith wearing his "ear glasses!"

*Can knock the baseball OVER the fence.

*Throws the football and baseball acurately.

*Loves Baby Jesus and says "Mary and Jo-phes"

*Likes to help me cook

*makes me turn around or close the down when he goes to the bathroom!

*likes Bob the Builder, Mickey Mouse, Super Readers, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates

*wants "chicken nuggets and french fries" for every meal!

*is better at directions than most adults

*knows shapes

*is very polite - says SORRY and THANK YOU a lot!

*likes to jump and flip on the couch!

*wears a headset - pretending to be a football coach - but calls them EAR GLASSES!

*loves to "run out" like the football team.